OGUZ Unveils ‘TOKYO SZN’: A Dynamic Collaboration with Farrago

OGUZ, the maestro of electronic music merging Dutch upbringing with Turkish heritage, is back with the fourth installment of his Summer Series in collaboration with Belgian DJ and producer, Farrago. The track, titled ‘TOKYO SZN,’ promises an exhilarating sonic journey intertwined with compelling visuals.

With almost a decade in the electronic music scene, OGUZ has cemented his position as a prominent figure in the global Techno realm. His captivating sets and groundbreaking productions have captivated audiences worldwide. Pushing boundaries even further, OGUZ launched 808 STUDIOS, a trailblazing record label and creative collective that amalgamates art and music seamlessly.


The Summer Series, a six-part musical odyssey, sets the stage for OGUZ’s vision of a vibrant symphony of sound and vision. The latest release, ‘TOKYO SZN,’ takes center stage in 808 STUDIOS, showcasing the dynamic collaboration between OGUZ and Farrago. The track opens with swirling, high-pitched synth keys accompanied by a menacing bass line. The dominating big room sound immerses listeners as a cascade of snares and hi-hats resound. The pulsating kick drum patterns create an energy that ebbs and flows with electrifying fluctuations. Amidst the acid lines and percussion, indiscernible vocals and choir samples add a human touch, transcending the boundaries of conventional electronic music. It’s safe to say that ‘TOKYO SZN’ is one of the most exhilarating releases to date on 808 STUDIOS.

TOKYO SZN’ arrives as the fourth release from the ever-expanding 808 STUDIOS. OGUZ’s passion for nurturing undiscovered talent is evident in his label’s philosophy.