On the edge of Ljubljana

A KALTBLUT exclusive male model feature introducing Rok Vrečer signed at Haze Management and New Generation Model Management. Photography by Marijo Zupanov. Editor: Timi Letonja.  Zupanov decided to do the photoshoot on this parking lot area that is placed right next to the main railway station of Ljubljana city. When you come out from the railway station you are faced right away with the grey fence surrounding the parking lot all around. When you enter it without a car you can soon realise the bizarre moment that there is. Parking lot is a flat ground macadam covered with some wild life plants growing wildly on its edges. All the fancy cars and a new hotel build recently on the opposite side of the road compliment to the bizarreness. Zupanov found the rawness of the model’s look fitting perfectly to this raw place on the edge of Ljubljana’s city centre. 

Zupanov is photographer based in Ljubljana. Recently he is taking places for his photoshoots outside in the Ljubljana’s city centre and it’s close surrounding. He likes to work with the subject’s personality that’s why he doesn’t bring the prearranged story on the photoshoot but lets the process of the photoshoot lead its own way. That’s why the portraits come out as raw as possible. He is sure about the choice of location where he likes to work at and he likes to be inspired by the model on the spot.


Model: Rok Vrečer @vrecer at @HazeModelManagement
and New generation Model Management

Photographer: Marijo Zupanov @zupanov

Editor: Timi Letonja @timiletonja