Famous climber, the first Ukrainian woman to summit Mount Everest Irina Galay in collaboration with ONE BY ONE label has created a winter capsule to conquer any peak.

While Ukraine faces constant blackouts and cuts to its heating network caused by Russian strikes, the ONE BY ONE brand releases a special warming winter capsule with inspiring Irina Galay, the first woman to fly the Ukrainian flag on Everest. However, Irina did conquer Mount K2 and became the first Ukrainian woman there as well.

The collection includes a unique puffer jacket with an ancient ornament originally from Mukachevo in western Ukrainian Transcarpathia; a thermal underwear set, a knitted sweater with a print of Ukrainian mountains, winter puffy pants and warm accessories.

“Go Up! — We are extremely motivated by the main slogan of the collection.”

ONE BY ONE tells this story about conquering one’s own peaks, which everyone sets for themselves depending on life circumstances. Emotional swings, strength for new achievements every day, overcoming obstacles, and faith in successes. From small steps every day to big leaps to victory.

The limited winter capsule is perfect for difficult weather conditions and mountain vacations. To say in a nutshell, these pieces are ideal for a comfortable life in the conditions of our harsh winter.

Created during wartime in the native country, the collection emphasizes the theme of heritage and respect for one’s ancestry, traditions and family. The pattern that appears on the items in the collection is not accidental. The print was created based on the motifs of the embroidered shirts of Transcarpathia, where Irina Galay is from. Wearing such things outside Ukraine is an honour and support of the Ukrainian brand in the world.

The campaign shooting confirms that these are clothes for the brave and strong. The team led by photographer and art director Denys Manokha went to the snowy forest to express the essential mood and test the capsule live. ‘Shooting in the snow, at -2 °С, after the most massive missile attack on the Kyiv region and in a complete blackout? Why not?’- Irina Galay smiles.

All items from the collection passed the ‘Ukrainian winter’ crash test, so now they will warm our unconquerable Ukrainian beauties.

Conquering the top is your story.

Irina Galay is a world-famous Ukrainian climber from Mukachevo, western Ukrainian Transcarpathia. Ukrainian record holder, the first Ukrainian woman to climb Mount Everest and K2.

ONE BY ONE is a Ukrainian women’s clothing and footwear brand, founded in 2015. Full cycle production, limited drops to maintain uniqueness. ONE BY ONE is the daily progress of the fashion industry in Ukraine, the creation of a cool product made in Ukraine so that every woman in our country could wear Ukrainian clothes.