One To Watch: 113 MAISON

Introducing 113 MAISON, a new emerging brand working between Spain and Belgium. 113 MAISON is the result of the collaboration between photographer Mariona Puig and designer and pattern maker Jorgina Carrera. They meet for the first time on October 3rd 2011 but it’s not until a year later that they get acquainted and become a couple. After a few months, they decide to join their work under one name, one label. 113 MAISON was born as a synthesis of similar ideas and a simular attitude towards photography, art and fashion.


113 MAISON is more than an average fashion brand: as a matter of fact, its makers don’t feel a 100% comfortable calling it a brand as their approach firmly dismisses the interchangeable, competing and paralyzing options of the quick-paced fashion industry.

With a focus on craftsmanship and a very artisanal way of working, they design, patternmake, sew and produce all of their pieces. They reject excessive consumerism and mass production and they seek their garments to be unique and rare – this is why most of their pieces are made one at a time and in a limited number. Their style often reminds romantic and even medieval shapes, creating relaxed silhouettes for an elegant and refined wardrobe.

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The duo’s passion for classical music and photography influences their work, yet their main inspiration remain the clothes themselves: working directly on the pattern and conceiving their very own new pieces of authorship.

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Photography: Mariona Puig www.marionapuig.comInstagram: @mariona_puig

Models: Anne Marie, Francisco, Kjell, Yuhan, Sara, Jonathan and Cindy.

Artwork and clothes by 113 MAISON

Instagram: @113maison

All text are part of Henry Purcell’s work (1659 – 1695)

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