One To Watch Bibi Sheng An

Introducing designer Bibi Sheng An. Photography by Lou. Model is Natalie Cole signed at Contact. Make up by Soda. Stylist is Sheng An.

“My passion for Fashion Design is triggered by the urge to build an innovative culture that drives sustainable products and meet consumer tastes and preferences in the fashion industry. I have been exposed to different cultures after living in many countries, such as China, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Canada. Therefore, I have a deep understanding of the global market and the different perceptions of fashion.

Currently completing my BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design Womenswear at London College of Fashion, my “Contextualising Your Practise” class had a significant impact on me. Not only did it change the way I think about the global market, it also bought up the adverse impact fashion has environmentally, economically, and socially. It deepened my understanding of the industry and at the same time made me reconsider the future of fashion, which compelled me to incorporate 3D programming into my work. For me, sustainability is using new technology to create possibilities in fashion; whether it be in design or pattern making.

As customers are becoming more aware of the environmental damages fashion produces, and we enter the fourth industrial revolution, fashion will have to undergo an unforeseeable transformation digitally starting from design to production, which I want to be a pioneer of. I am interested in exploring creative ideas to drive transformation in a fast-paced industry.

A large part of my research lies in the transgression of masculine and feminine stereotypes. It sets a link between clothing and current ideologies. Fashion enables individuals to construct, sculpt, and express their identities. As lines begin to blur, clothes become the most convenient way to convey individuality. I often get inspired by organic shapes and forms found in nature and merge it with technology, either in color, production technique or development. Textile enhances designs; I like to experiment with materials, and colours, and use sustainable fabrics to ensure that it connects with my identity. I believe in making conscious decisions and adapting to the current fashion market and customers. During my final year, I created a 100% biodegradable fabric and explored the possibility of using waste products to generate market solutions. Transforming waste into useful design products is a passion of mine and something I would like to continue researching and promoting.”

Photography by Lou / Instagram: @l.o.umite
Model is Natalie Cole signed at Contact / Instagram: @_natcole
Make up by Soda / Instagram: @soda_mua
Stylist is Sheng An / / Instagram: @bibishengan
Editor is Sheng An / / Instagram: @bibishengan

Brands used are: Bibi Sheng An @bibishengan