One To Watch: Cixi + FRKRV! New video GRINGO out now

#AnInterview. May I introduce you to Italian singer Cixi aka Eleonora Cixi Bosio and producer, photographer, Instagram sensation and eye-candy FRKRV aka Freddy Krave?! The two creatives released the song and video “Gringo” a few days ago. Their sound is “Spicy, cheeky, independent” says Cixi. Listen to the track below. Read our interview where we ask the question: What is the biggest challenge young musicians are facing today in terms of music? 

KALTBLUT: Guys, congrats I am in love with your new video and song GRINGO. How did music come into your life and when did you both met? Your music sounds like the perfect match of you both.  

CIXI: Music is part of my life since I was a kid, in the couple past years my music artistry has been limited by things bigger than me but now I feel confident and Freddy brought the light in my music again. We met because I had a shooting with Freddy 4 years ago, now here we are making music together.

FRKRV: I’ve always loved music and I’m that kind of person that listens to music all day and all night lol I’ve started producing music some months ago and I fell in love with the feeling of creating something from nothing. Same thing I do with photography. Me and Cixi started working on some music together cuz we both felt a sort of natural connection.

KALTBLUT: Cixi you are the voice.. FRKRV the producer .. who is writing the lyrics? My favorite line of the track is: „I’m a girl and i pay my own bills I don’t need any gringo Make my money and I do my own thing Like i’ve done a bingo“ tell us a little more about the process of producing the song.

CIXI: We both wrote the lyrics and honestly, we did it in the most natural way: randomly. But things came together because we had a specific topic that we wanted to talk about. We wanted to be very clear, that we are independent artists that wanna talk about independent people. Hope you all can get that from our lyrics.

FRKRV: Same. She said everything already.

It’s a sound that gives zero fucks

KALTBLUT: If you had 3 words to describe your sound, what would they be?

CIXI: Spicy, cheeky, independent. 

FRKRV: I really don’t knoooow, I mean. I think it’s a sound that gives zero fucks.

KALTBLUT: For the amazing video you teamed up with director Felipe Conceicao. Can you tell us a little bit about the idea of the video? 

CIXI: We started with a lot of ideas and we’re happy cuz in the end we realized most of them. Shooting Gringo gave us the possibility to show some visuals that gave us the boost to do even better next time. 

FRKRV: Yeah, I agree with Cixi and we can’t wait for you to see the next one.

KALTBLUT: Is there an album on the way? And if so.. are you both working together on it? And what can we expect? 

CIXI: Who knows?! At the moment we’re producing songs without boundaries and we’re doing what we wanna do, we don’t wanna make long-term plans. We’re living the moment.

FRKRV: If there’s an album on the way none of us know about it ahah but we’re making music we love so if we’ll make enough songs, probably you’ll have the right number of songs to create it for us in your library.

KALTBLUT: Are there any certain topics that you find will typically inspire your songs? 

CIXI: Everything we get inspiration from. We really are open to everything.

FRKRV: Being confident is my main topic. Cuz people should really believe more in themselves.

KALTBLUT: What do you think is the biggest challenge young musicians are facing today in terms of music?

CIXI: These days is so easy to make music, music not quality music, that the biggest challenge is to stand out in this rough sea.

FRKRV: I guess the biggest challenge is to keep going even when things aren’t going as we wish. 

KALTBLUT: Is there a band or album that you can attribute to why you first wanted to become musicians or wanted to start making music?

CIXI: I Love You album by The Neighborhood 

FRKRV: This will sound so millennialll but it’s the truth. Charli XCX.

KALTBLUT:  Lets talk about your background. Cixi I know you haven been part of X-factor Italy years ago. But I would like to know how did you grew up? And tell us something about your first steps in the music industry. 

CIXI: X-Factor is a bit like Wonderland. Everything is so nice and sweet but it hides a lot of struggles and sacrifices. I can say tho that X-Factor made me grow as an artist and if I could go back I’d repeat everything despise all. I still remember how I felt terrorized the first time I had to sing in front of millions of people, cuz that’s the range that the show reaches. Try to imagine.

KALTBLUT: FRKRV .. I know you are an Instagram sensation, model, photographer, producer and not shy to show that you are an eye-candy.. But who is Freddy Krave? 

FRKRV: Freddy Krave is a 21st century photographer that wanted to be himself without thinking about people’s judgements. Freddy Krave is an identity that found the strength to be free. Now I can also say that Freddy Krave loves producing music and that probably he’ll keep doing it for a long time. 

KALTBLUT: So how do you keep yourselves grounded when dealing with the pressure that comes through your popularity from Social Media like Instagram or Tv Shows like X-Factor? Do you have any specific tactics you can share?

CIXI: My only rule is to surround yourself by people that really love you and believe in you. People that can help you keep your feet on the ground and that make you remember where you come from. People that will be there for you in any moment.

FRKRV: I can speak for myself and say that you have to be the one to understand that you aren’t more than someone else. But you are someone that did something more than someone else. Something that put you in the place where you are right now. Always remember that this moment could end in a second. 

KALTBLUT: What were some of the biggest challenges that you faced whilst becoming the artist you are today?

CIXI: My biggest challenge was learning to accept who I am and starting to love my body. Today I can say that I won that challenge and I’m proud of who I became. 

FRKRV: Finding my true identity. Finding my true self. 

KALTBLUT: One last question: If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be? 

CIXI: Anywhere. It doesn’t matter the place where you are but the people close to you.

FRKRV: Oh I would definitely live in LA or New York. Yup. 


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Directed by Felipe Conceicao

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