One To Watch: Fors Nome

Introducing: Fors Nome – “The city need more superheroes” collection. A Danish high-end fashion design, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fors Nome is the story of keeping up with the current fashion culture of anonymous clothes. Through their passion for creating wholeheartedly and challenging designs, Fors Nome want to break boundaries and encourage changing the anonymous to an individual personal expression.

“It’s our mission to create and communicate an inspiring space of co- and counterculture and reproduce this in FORS NOME designs and styles. This will challenge opinions and call for changes.”

“Therefore FORS NOME’s brand identity is a combination of our strong values: family teis and respect for people, our behavior by breaking boundaries and to challenge the client with special designs with attitude to make days with a lot of self-confidence.”

“If we have to describe FORS NOME brand and products with one word, it would be the word personality.”

Follow the brand and find out more at:

Instagram @forsnome