One To Watch: Johry – By Bus

May I introduce you to Johry aka Johanna Rydberg – a Swedish house/wave producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. It is time to make space for some chill tunes when it comes to electronic music, at least if we listen to Johry’s latest release. For many years, you have been able to find Stockholm based Johry behind decks at several clubs and bars around Sweden. With the debut single By Bus, she is taking another step onto the electronic music scene, but this time as a producer.

By Bus is a love child based on my love to Wave, Deep house and Ambient. I wanted to add a bit of everything I like, without locking it into a specific genre. You should be able to listen to it while on long walks, or while bumping around in sweaty buses, but also dance to it on the more down tempo dance floors

says Johry

In By Bus, hypnotic melodies meet seductive percussions – all with the hope of enthralling all down tempo lovers. She finds a lot of inspiration in the work of other producers, such as Iglew, Klimeks and Willow. We can soon expect more from Johry, both when it comes to gigs and music releases. By Bus was released August 18th 2017 on the label Mom2arch.


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