One To Watch: Maksymilian Gorockiewicz – The Puppies

Menswear is what I love! My introduce you to Poland based designer and artist Maksymilian Gorockiewicz and his label or project THE PUPPIES. He was one of my favourite designers from the last FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. Photos by Aleksandra Malinowska. The collection is called RECOVER. Model is Mariusz Adamczewski @AMQ Models. Season FW14-15. 


Name: Maksymilian Gorockiewicz / Age:24 / Country: Poland / Label: it’s more a project – The Puppies / Foundet in: 2014

KALTBLUT: Tell us something about yourself. Where you from? And how did you grow up? 

Maksymilian: So I’m Maks. I’m interested in art/cinema/fashion/music/culture and I grew up in province countryside in the West of Poland, I grew up hoping to combine my future profession with mentioned fields.

IMG_9939_miniKALTBLUT: How did you became a fashion designer? Was that something you always wanted to do?  Did you went to a fashion school? And if so to witch one? 

Maksymilian: I’m not sure whether I have become a fashion designer yet.  The process “of becoming” has started when I was young. Fashion was always very interesting to me as a part of  “visual culture”, but breakthrough was in highschool time, cause of the Internet there was an easy access to everything, I became obsessed with editorials like ID, Dazed and Confused, Vogue Homme Japan etc… Simultaneously, I was drawing, painting sculpting and I decided to match my 2 interests (fashion and art) and I applied to Academy of Art in Lodz for fashion design. I graduated BA there and now I got into my MA in menswear in London College of Fashion.


KALTBLUT: What was the first item you have ever designed? And what for?

Maksymilian: I’m glad I can’t remember. As a child I used to draw some crazy, glamorous princess gowns. Totally not my style right now, (at least not on the woman).


KALTBLUT: Your collection is offering lots of great pieces. How long have you worked on it for? And what was your inspiration?

Maksymilian: This collection is all about postmodern play with all kinds off inspirations. Queer rap, artists I admire, Polish anti-fashion streets, art/fashion history, gender studies, religions, other ethnic cultures, youth cultures and pop culture, luxury fashion – anti fashion relation, club kids and Tumblr are just only some examples of this collection background. To be honest, some of them I used more superficial and some are the essential core of the collection.

KALTBLUT: What kind of materials did you use for this collection? What is your favourite fabric to work with?
Maksymilian: I like to experiment and play with new fabrics. I try to find out new material with every collection. There are heavy natural leathers, fake fur, jeans, wool and on the other hand there are sheer silks, chiffon, organza, pleats, lace, which are not very typical for menswear. In this collection I kind of liked fish print and in graduate /fashion week collection I liked white jeans with embroidered white guns.

KALTBLUT: What we miss in Germany is young, talented fashion designers getting government support . What’s your experiences in that field? Do you get support from your Government/school or family?

Maksymilian: Not really, in Poland, Fashion is somewhere between business and art and cause of that labeling it’s really hard to get any government support/scholarship, which is essential, especially at the beginning when you are focused more on the creativity then on the commerce.

KALTBLUT: I have seen your last collection during the last FashionPhilosphy Week Poland. Congratulations! I like it a lot. How was the response of the media for you after showing the collection there?

Maksymilian: Oh to be honest, the media response were very modest. Most of them were some superficial mentions (short reviews). I didn’t hear any harsh, professional critic and any excitement either. Polish media are more focused on womenswear.

7_miniKALTBLUT: Where else have you shown your collection?

Maksymilian: The latest opportunity is from Tartu, I will participate as a guest designer in Mood-Performance-Tants 2015 (Fashion-Performance-Dance).

KALTBLUT: Where can we buy your design? Online shops? Stores?

Maksymilian: Unfortunately, still anywhere yet, but I work on it. I hope to have some international online stocking soon.

2_miniKALTBLUT: Where do you see yourself in 10 years. As a label and as a designer?

Maksymilian: Good question, it’s so far away. I would love to see myself still working creatively, in London or in some other multicultural capitol.

1_miniKALTBLUT: You are based in Poland! The typical style of your country, what is this for you?

Maksymilian: I used to live in Lodz – very ugly and sad city. I am temporary now in Nowa Sol – there’s now fashion. I am moving soon to London – which is much more alive Typical style of Poland? I love Polish old babushka and young chavs style! Them can be very inspiring.
Collection Titel: Recover
The Puppies at Facebook
Season: FW 2014/2015
Photo: Aleksandra Malinowska
Model: Mariusz Adamczewski/AMQ models
Design & Styling: Maksymilian Gorockiewicz
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