One To Watch: Mardou&Dean

May I introduce you to the Mardou&Dean – Aizome Capsule Collection! The Aizome capsule collection features limited edition denim pieces made upon order. Handmade from old Mardou&Dean jeans, these are collector’s items for denim lovers. Using only vintage denim; the softest most torn denim pieces are again stitched together making one of a kind, sustainable garments in all shades of indigo blue.

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Artisan hand wash processes, traditional stitching, clean cuts and an intimate take on subculture; these pieces leads to a unique fusion of the past and today’s zeitgeist. Mardou&Dean jeans are premium jeans for both men and women with great fit and subdued aesthetics, with craftsmanship and quality at its core and high sophistication in silhouettes and washes. The design is distinct and sharp; with the subtle arcuate on the back pockets, narrow stitching and double reinforced belt loops combined with signature hardware. The handmade Aizome capsule collection is only available upon order.

mardoudean-aizome-capsule-collection-photo-oda-berby-8 mardoudean-aizome-capsule-collection-photo-oda-berby-6 mardoudean-aizome-capsule-collection-photo-oda-berby-5 mardoudean-aizome-capsule-collection-photo-oda-berby-4 mardoudean-aizome-capsule-collection-photo-oda-berby-2 mardoudean-aizome-capsule-collection-photo-oda-berby-1

About: Mardou&Dean is an Oslo based clothing label. Through the founders Ingrid Bredholt and Patrik Rosenfors’s interest in the arts, a new atmosphere is created. The idea is to constantly evolve through travel and collaborations with other creatives such as photographers, craftsmen within design and artists. The collections are identified by Creative Director Ingrid Bredholt’s view on breaking clothing rules, with great emphasis on how the clothes are made and how they make you feel. Creating key garments of denim and leather that become more beautiful with time, combined with crafted and tailored made-to-measure pieces – carried out in smaller ateliers in Italy – of custom developed fabrics makes the label signature look of contrasting surfaces and shapes. The label showed a full read-to-wear collection in Spring 2013 and covers today men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories and denim. Mardou&Dean wants to aspire to a state of mind rather than the dictates of a passing norm. Mardou&Dean has done several collaborations with well-known artists, to name of few; English rock photographer Mick Rock, multi-artist Bryan Adams, legendary Italian photographer Aldo Fallai and Norwegian music photographer Stian Andersen.