One To Watch: Niv Keren

May I Introduce you to fashion designer Niv Keren from Israel?! A 24 years old fashion department, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design graduate. Niv was born and raised in a small town north of Israel, and currently lives and creates in Tel-Aviv. Photography by Merav Ben Loulou. Make up by Netta Szekely for Mac Cosmetics. Hair by Sheva Koren. Model is Vika signed at Elinor Shahar Personal Management.


“My works all have an intellectual value, as the motive of all of my creations are topics and representation that are undermining political and gender cultural and social structure and reveling the cultural context of the garment.    

During my studies I’ve presented twice at the Tel-Aviv Gindi Fashion Week.  My graduate collection was inspired by representation of power and the ways in which it constituted, articulated, and contested through out the garment. Cloths revealed dimensions of political and social transportations that could not be discerned through observed behavior or verbal articulations.  While Designing the collection I have tried illustrate  the functions of the outfit as a compelling political language which challenge the cultural and political interactions. in order to emphasize those interactions  I’ve created  design elements with the use of unconventional materials who carry the motioned contexts.  In order to clarify even more my theme in this collection I’ve used tailored language, masculine silhouettes, and traditional tailoring techniques- which had always feature in my works.”

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Photography by Merav Ben Loulou.
Make up by Netta Szekely for Mac Cosmetics.
Hair by Sheva Koren.
Model is Vika signed at Elinor Shahar Personal Management