One To Watch: Typical Freaks

Typical Freaks and KALTBLUT Magazine go back a long long way. Having originally met Sean and Sonia back in 2011 when our UK Fashion Editor had a adjacent market stall in east London iconic market “Spitalfields”. Even then the two designers would pull a crowd with their amazing fresh design point of view, customising Nike Air Force 1’s with their street art style illustrations.


Flash forward 5 years and they have a fully realised collection with just as much impact as ever. With a strong use of bold textiles matched with a relaxed silhouette Typical freaks merge the two designers strengths to create one power house of a label. The KALTBLUT team had a chance to sit down with the two to talk about their labels direction and what makes Typical Freaks anything but typical..

KALTBLUT: How would you describe your self and your work?

TF: We are a colourful, punky clothing brand from London with fun, expressive hand made prints.

KALTBLUT: Tell us about your journey that led you to this point.

TF: We began customising clothes and making jewellery to make extra money while studying. When Seun finished his MA we took a break for a couple of years and then decided to apply to Fashion Scout and show our first mainline collection.


KALTBLUT: As a design duo who is responsible for which part of the design process.

TF: We both have input throughout, but Sonia is more responsible for garment construction and Seun in more responsible for the print and textiles.

KALTBLUT: Do you ever disagree on design direction?

TF: We disagree all the time! We both have strong opinions about fashion and can be quite critical of each others’ process. But the end we somehow always reach a compromise.

KALTBLUT: What would you say this is the biggest influence to your design process.

TF: Our experience – we have been making clothes to try and sell for such a long time. We have both studied at really good universities and worked alongside some really amazing designers. We also have a strong desire to not take ourselves and fashion too seriously – we try and make every garment have a sense of fun and love in its design process.


KALTBLUT: How would you describe the Typical Freak customer?

TF: They are usually quite creative and rebellious in some way – in their politics, their lifestyle, their beliefs. Sometimes unintentionally so. They hopefully appreciate the sense of fun and freedom we try and portray.

KALTBLUT: What’s your inspection behind your current collection?

TF: SS16 was about reminiscing about old British seaside holidays to Clacton. We tried to give a sense of making the most of a seemingly unglamorous location. There was also a big influence from Derek Jarmon’s punk film ‘Jubilee’, Nigerian beach basket sellers and the problem of pollution afflicting many British beaches.

KALTBLUT: What has been the high light to you career so far?

TF: We were very grateful to Fashion Scout for being part of their ‘Ones To Watch’. Every day we can look back to where we were a couple of years ago when we were very disillusioned with fashion so in a sense every season we can continue to show is a highlight.

KALTBLUT: Who’s your dream client?

TF: Anyone who is a really exciting and confident person who has a strong, unique sense of style, and really appreciates the work we put into our designs. Probably more so than any generic celebrity who is wearing something they don’t feel comfortable in, but have to wear.


KALTBLUT: Who’s your favourite fashion icon?

TF: Definitely one of them would be Bjork. We kind of met her once, she was looking through our clothes when we had a stall once and Sonia scared her off by getting too excited!

KALTBLUT: For all the aspiring designers currently out there, what advise would you give them to get into this profession?

TF: Work hard on your brand DNA – have a strong design style. Try and work on what is unique about your work and develop that as much as possible. Accept criticism and always try and make something better. Be memorable!

KALTBLUT: What does 2016 hold for Typical Freaks?

TF: We will be working on SS17 collection soon. Hopefully gaining more stockists and working even more amazing creative people. We’ll also be doing a pop up shop in Hackney in July.

KALTBLUT: What was the last music track you listened too?

TF: Light your Ass on Fire – Busta Rhymes

KALTBLUT: What do you do to let your hair down?

TF: Seun: Watch films and hang out with my family / Sonia: Lots of good food and cider.


KALTBLUT: Whats the best thing about being you?

TF: Eternal youth

KALTBLUT: If you were an animal what would you be?

TF: Seun: Lynx/ Sonia: Lion

KALTBLUT: Where can people buy your work?




H. Lorenzo, USA
WUT Berlin, Japan
Jenko, Hong Kong
Mei Mei, China
Diffusion line: Laden Showroom, London

Photography: Karl Slater
Styling: Sophie Jacobs
Make-up & Hair: Shaz Massey using M.A.C Cosmetics’ ‘Dermalogica’ Skin Care & ‘Bumble and bumble’ Hair Care products.
Model: Lauren Lambert from Named Models
Wardrobe: Typical Freaks
Text: Karl Slater