left: Collective Swallow right: Rafael Kouto. Mode Suisse Edition 13 Zurich. Picture by Alexander Palacios @lookatpalacios

One to watch from Mode Suisse Edition 13 ZURICH – Part 1

KALTBLUT was invited to the Edition 13 of Swiss fashion platform Mode Suisse. Thx for having us. Here is Part 1 of our ONE TO WATCH list from Mode Suisse Edition 13 including the hotly anticipated return of After Work Studio formerly known as Wüthrichfürst, Berlin/Basel-based COLLECTIVE SWALLOW. Mode Suisse Sélection Officielle first-timers Rafael Kouto. All Picture by Alexander Palacios.

After Work Studio

After Work Studio is a Basel based fashionlabel founded by Karin Wüthrich and Matthias Fürst. The young brand wowed us with an amazing new collection. instagram.com/after_work_studio


Our favourite collection comes from COLLECTIVE SWALLOW. Founded in 2015 by Anaïs Marti and Ugo Pecoraio in Basel, where they both graduated from FHNW Institute of fashion design. Currently their studio is based in Berlin and Basel. instagram.com/collective_swallow

“Collective Swallow is presenting mixed gender, non seasonal, biannual collections. Collective Swallow stands for substantial and innovative products with high quality standards, entirely manufactured in Switzerland and Germany. We understand our designs as a creative expression of the examination of our environment and heritage. The creative process and every of our products is personal. We aim for our customer to experience a tactile and visually touching sensation through our vision and every product. Collective Swallow is shaping a refined interdisciplinary universe by collaborating with different designers and artists on specific parts of our seasonal projects.”

Rafael Kouto

We are in love with the young designer and his fashion vision. The brand Rafael Kouto is focusing on sustainable design and production systems, mixing upcycling with couture technics and crafts. The main core is the customization and upcycling of mass-produced discarded garments into unique pieces, 100 % remade in Switzerland. The potential of the sustainable design and local production is giving a new value to the discarded materials as the main resource. The cultural background and the business model is based on Kouto‘s own cultural origins mixed with the practice of upcycling and creating an hybrid aesthetic, between Africa and the West. It represents an alternative to the current production in fashion as a new luxury paradigm with the aim is to encourage to recycling and upcycling. instagram.com/rafaelkouto

ModeMode Suisse is directed and produced by Yannick Aellen & Nicolas Eberhart with their team.Thanks again for having us at the event.

Returning for the fourth time to Löwenbräukunst with its Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, a new concept was launched to help the designers find their clientele amongst the more than a thousand guests. Four rather short identical catwalk shows preceded a highly individual showroom & presentation space, once more underlining the organizers’ request to take fashion, and the designers’ entrepreneurship, seriously by ensuring their collections are purchased by the local and international buyers. Before hitting back with Edition 14 in September 2018, Mode Suisse will remain in town with its «Sélection Mode Suisse chez enSoie», Strehlgasse 26, Zurich, until February 10, 2018. From March 2-6, 2018, Mode Suisse will again – together with the Austrian Fashion Association AFA and Berlin Showroom – present a curated selection of upcoming designers at DACH Showroom in Paris, during the forthcoming fashion week.

instagram.com/modesuisse / www.modesuisse.com

Picture by Alexander Palacios @lookatpalacios