OPIAR Fall/Winter 2019-20 – LA PETITE MORT

#ModaLisboa – INSIGHT – Sangue Novo! OPIAR by Artur Dias is another #onetowatch fashion brand from ModaLisboa! Artur Dias began his studies at the Soares dos Reis Artistic School, in Porto. He attended classes focused on artistic production with a focus on jewellery. #Jadore!

His interest in fashion can be traced to his young days, but only in 2015, he decided to apply for the Fashion Design course at Modatex. His appreciation for the performative arts, which he nurtured from a young age, he quickly becomes interested in the performative and artistic aspect of fashion, exploring its expressiveness and scenographic ambience. www.instagram.com/opiar_ium


What if the concept of hell and paradise didn’t exist? The idea of punishment or reward was annulled, death would only be a part of life.

La Petite Mort seeks to explore the limbo between life and death, in a predominantly believing culture that death is the end. Through a fusion of tradition and religious customs, this collection represents a family offering, elaborated with materials and goods belonging to the ancestors, in order to honour their life and illuminate the path of eternal sleep. The idea of a dark and empty ending is rethought in a Prêt-à-Couture Collection, which explores what exists after death.

So death is the end or loss of consciousness in the transition between worlds?