Ora Pro Nobis

A KALTBLUT exclusive male model editorial and cover story of our #PrideIssue. Photography by Alberto Lanz. Model is Chris Flora. Makeup by Guillermo Perez. Fashion stylist is Daniel Furlong. Fashion by Maison Margiela, Centro, StudioV87, Moschino, Fernando Rodriguez, La Santa Jewerly, Santa Maria La Rivera, Oscar de la Renta.

Photography ALBERTO LANZ IG: @lanznakebackup
Model: Chris Flora IG: @chrisjohnflora
Agency: PARAGON IG: @paragonmodelm
Fashion stylist is Daniel Furlong Ig: @furlongfurlongfurlong
Makeup by Guillermo Perez @guillermovoodoo
Assistants OSVALDO PADILLA IG: @osvaldopadillaa
Maria Karla @mariakarlau


He is a visual artist focused on photography and the plastic arts. It began in 2007 with photographs where he showed models where he was distributing his features and a physicist outside of reality playing with eroticism, mysticism and religion.

He has worked with artists such as Alaska, Pearl, Willam, Belinda, Carmen Campuzano and Daniel Furlong among the most outstanding. His work has made a great impact in Mexico and has revolutionized the world of art and photography, opening the scene in the fashion industry.