Introducing designer Syrie Tordoff. Art direction and Photography by Stefano Giuliano. The models are Natasha Dodwell Adam, Luke Jordan, Andrea Morris Anim, Syrie Tordoff, and Kolbrun Yr Sturludottir. Styling by Stefano Giuliano. Hair and Make-up by Laetitia Iurilli. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Ordine is an Italian term meaning order. This editorial was made by shooting Syrie Tordoff’s final collection for her bachelor’s degree at the University of Westminster. Ordine is an editorial that focuses on geometry, colour and shape to highlight fashion and those who wear it, favouring rigour and form with the help of edits. Ordine comes from my need for order and geometry, whereby everything must be perfectly calibrated.

The human body becomes a form, along with the clothes, and the colours between them create a sense of visual pleasure. Ordine is the need for control but also for simplicity and linearity to stand out clothes as objects that cover and modify our body: everything becomes geometry removing the cultural conception of clothes as something that has a gender.

Art direction and Photography by Stefano Giuliano ig: @stefanogiovannigiuliano
Stylist: Stefano Giuliano ig: @stefanogiovannigiuliano and @syriestudios
Stylist assistants: Syrie Tordoff Lily Hernandez ig: @syriestudios and @pictures.of.lily
Hair and Make-up: Laetitia Iurilli ig: @laenotlea
Talents: Natasha Dodwell Adam’s, Luke Jordan, Andrea Morris Anim, Syrie Tordoff, Kolbrun Yr Sturludottir ig: @natasha___mary @homotastic @morrisanim @syriestudios and @kollayr
Fashion: Syrie Tordoff ig: @syriestudios