OSOI Pre-Fall 2022

Korean brand of one-of-a-kind accessories OSOI presents its PF22 collection. The brand’s signature structural and modernist styles this time are backed up with charismatic seasonal colours, such as Butter and Emerald Green.


A mainly cold colour palette is warmed up with a sprinkle of a deep and chocolaty shade of brown, containing pieces in both matte and box leather which is shiny and coated. In an effort to extend such a long-awaited summer, OSOI suggests sandals as an early autumn fashion decision, showing styling ideas in its pre-fall lookbook.

Being prominent for its elegant practicality, the brand specializes in creating handbags that are tiny yet roomy enough, looking refined but still being able to carry all the daily essentials. Implementing the idea of pragmatic chic into every detail, OSOI creates pieces that are graceful in every way, from their architectural handles or heels to the quality and texture of materials.

The Japanese word «osoi» stands for «no rush», «slowly» – a chill and serene attitude, which became the key philosophy for the eponymous Korean brand. Launched in November 2016, OSOI is a women’s bag & shoe brand based in Seoul. OSOI is not a conservative brand, but not overly sensitive to trends – think moving at your own pace, seeking true self-expression without being too exposed to some fleeting concepts. Based on a feminine aesthetic, it provides values that do not change over time.