Other Worlds

Photographer Amaan Hassen captured Vitor J Carvahlo, signed at IZAIO Management and Lillebritt Hopp, signed by Viva Models. Styling by Marie Gunkel & Gabriela Matuszewska. Nail Art by Yanice Gianina. HMU by Gabriella Matuszewska. Retouching by Malena Mora Sueiro. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Amaan is a photographer and visual artist based in Berlin. His practice is rooted in the sentimentality of everyday experiences and relationships, which he explores often in either a playful or sensitive manner.
His past work film has given him a deep interest in human connectedness through shared stories which he seeks to weave into the different mediums he uses.

Photography by Amaan Hassen / amaanhassen.com / @amn______
Styling by Marie Gunkel / @marie.lynn & Gabriela Matuszewska / @sztukamierna
HMU by Gabriella Matuszewska / @sztukamierna
Nail Art by Yanice Gianina / @_yanicegianina
Retouching by Malena Mora Sueiro / @malesueiro
Model is Vitor J Carvahlo / @vitorjcarvalho signed at IZAIO Management / @izaio.modelmanagement
Model is Lillebritt Hopp / @lillebritttabea signed by VivaModels / @vivamodelsberlin

Brands are: Wsiura Berlin @wsiura_berlin / Mal D’aurore @maldaurore / Lyot Project @lyotproject / Margiela Boots from Private Collection / Jewlerry by Arkadiusz Swieton @arkadiuszswie