Otherworldly: Ukrainian brand ANOESES reveals its sensual new collection NKD’22 

ANOESES, a Ukrainian brand inspired by intimacy, invites you to explore its latest capsule, which plays with the idea of sensuality beyond human perception. The new collection presents a curated selection of leather, latex and mesh lingerie, designed specifically to inspire new discoveries in the universe of physical and mental pleasures.


The colour palette of the capsule draws attention to different aspects of body and soul: purity and fragility of naked skin, readiness to take action, affections and aspirations. To emphasise the understated transparency of any sensual experience, the designer duo chose «naked» beige tones for the most daring styles, highlighting the common ground of innocence and desire. Nudity doesn’t only strip the body – it also uncovers all the vulnerabilities we usually hide under clothes and social masks. Red latex and leather pieces, on the contrary, remind of the fiery sides of any personality and the common yet sometimes hidden passion to defend one’s authenticity.

For the ANOESES team, this collection is full of change and challenge: as it was produced amidst the war and away from home and usual comfort, the vulnerability and fragility are not just some abstract concepts – these are the feelings, that inspired to take a deeper dive into the exploration of human emotions. The campaign demonstrates new pieces in a distant, almost extraterrestrial environment – because each human body is unique and is to be discovered, and exploring one’s own inner pursuits could be a truly extraterrestrial adventure. ANOESES sees physicality as an often suppressed part of human culture which deserves to be praised and explored instead. Every tiny detail, every line and cut of the brand’s voluptuous garments are meant to awaken the deepest feelings inherent in human nature – because these whimsical notions are what help us to meet our true selves.