Our 5 favourite designers from UDK SCHAU19

Berlin! Last weekend, the students of the Institute for Experimental Clothing and Textile Design of the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) presented their project works and final collections for the first time on the Straße des 17. Juni as part of the SCHAU19 fashion show. Here are our 5 favorite SCHAU19 collections by Kai Gerhardt, Tim Suessbauer and Mia Sommerfeld, Alessandro Gentile, Marina Kitsukawa. All photos by Angelina Vernetti www.instagram.com/angelina.vernetti

Kai Gerhardt  


The young menswear designer showed a collection that focused on the detachment of stereotypical gender roles. With his collection “Let the Future be Human”, he presented an unconventional collection for men. Among other things, his models presented elegant evening robes, floor-length coats and co. The colour palette of the MA graduate remained reduced black and white. www.instagram.com/kaigerhardt_official

Tim Suessbauer + Mia Sommerfeld

www.instagram.com/timmimmit / www.instagram.com/lulu.mia.linda


Under the direction of guest professor Deepti Barth, a classic jacket on the dissection table is carefully dismantled into its individual parts in order to be reborn in the designs of the students. Value, durability, quality and the material value of a garment as an alternative to fast-fashion form the ideological core of this design project.

Alessandro Gentile


BACK TO THE FUTURE 411A (5th semester)

Prof. Wowo Kraus and Prof. Valeska Schmidt Thomsen embark on an archaeological journey into the pre-digitised world of the fashion magazine. In their search for hypothetical answers to the conceptual questions of photo series of the time, the project participants developed three outfits as well as a conceptual magazine in which they deal with the fragile future of print editions.

Marina Kitsukawa


I am a little in love with Marina Kitsukawa´s Collection: Artisan! The young designer showed an extravagant final collection. She also showed Artisan statement looks like a two-piece heart dress in pink, white shirts with open seams, floor-length waistcoats and XXL shirts in bright colours.