Photography by Joana Scharnagl. The model is Sandra Klew signed at East-West Models. Styling by Briana-Paige Mawson. Makeup by Alyssa Lewandowski. A KALTBLUT exclusive. Outskirts is a fashion photography series questioning the privilege of beauty reserved for the wealthy ones. Living in the outskirts is not glamorous, nor stylish. It offers houses for people and families who can‘t afford to live close to the city center.

Grey streets, faded facades, functionality overlooks. Nothing added to what‘s necessary. Streets stripped naked from muses and art don’t offer inspiration, refusing the responsibility to inspire life. All it leaves are people waiting to thrive but survive.

It’s about people rebelling against these forced landscapes by becoming their own inspiration. Standing out from the common normalities to form their existing surroundings into places of beauty. A different kind.

Photography by Joana Scharnagl / www.joanascharnagl.com / Instagram: @headinheaven_
The model is Sandra Klew signed at East-West Models / Instagram: @sandra.klew @eastwestmodels
Styling by Briana-Paige Mawson / Instagram: @bpmstylist
Makeup by Alyssa Lewandowski / www.al-makeuphair.com / Instagram: @visa.alyssa

Fashion Brands used are:
Laurin Schuler @laurinschuler / FALKE @falke / Miguel Angel Ramirez Jerez @miguel_jeerez /
Megan Emily Barnes @meganemilybarnes / Jessy Stuchly @jessy_stuchly

About the photographer
Moving from a small farm to a big city during her late childhood Joana Scharnagl quickly became fascinated by the world of modern living and fashion. From early on her father, a photographer started sharing his passion with her, and soon she was allowed to use his professional equipment to learn herself. But it wasn’t until the Corona pandemic that she started shooting her own projects. Soon after, presenting her progress through Social Media, her work gained attention and she was getting published by magazines.

Her photography centers around authenticity, strength, and finding beauty in the seemingly unspectacular.