Party Anima! By Polish Fashion Designer Kata Haratym

KALTBLUT presents: Party Anima collection by polish fashion designer Kata Haratym. The collection inspired by the world of animals and affirmation of life. Ability to survive and joy as a feeling are inspirations too. Garments are vegan (no real leather or fur were used in this project). Some of pieces are also up-cycled from materials found in charity shops. “Usually I don’t sketch my designs, mostly I pin fabric to mannequin to see how it looks like on body shape. I like to get materials first and then design inspired by them. This time I collected bold colours, differential surfaces and textures – some of the with animal prints on it.” says the young designer. 

Designer: Kata Haratym | (ig:
Photos: Dominika Jarczyńska | (ig: Dominika Twardzik (ig: | More Models (ig:

Make up artist: Joanna Stawowy | (ig:

Stylist: Aleksandra Mankiewicz (ig: