Patrick de Pádua – Lab – FW 17/18 : WEAPON OF LIFE

ModaLisboa FW17/18 – #Boundless! KALTBLUT Magazine Award winner 2015 Patrick de Pádua unveiled his new FW 17/18 menswear collection: WEAPON OF LIFE! From all the collections I have seen during the fashion fest in Portugal Patrick de Pádua´s collection was the most cohisive collection on the catwalk. With a great colour line from black to white to blue to bordeaux and green. Using fabrics like fur, knitwear and neonprene. With military elements and a streetwear concept, the collection is developed through a long silhouette and overlays. This collection expresses precisely these innumerable forms of struggle and expression full of personality that are present in every detail of each look. “I’m not proud of the battle, but of my fighting spirit.”! We love it. Watch the full runway show below. All photos by Rui Vasco.

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Patrick de Pádua was born in 1988, in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. In 2000, he moved to Portugal, and graduated in Fashion Design from MODATEX, in Lisbon. In March 2014, Patrick was one of the designers chosen by ModaLisboa – Lisbon Fashion Week to present his collection at Sangue Novo platform. After presenting his second collection at Sangue Novo, in March 2015, he was selected to participate at the FashionClash Festival (The Netherlands), where he won the Kaltblut Award. In March 2016, he is selected by the jury of Sangue Novo to integrate LAB platform. From October 2016, the young designer started to present his collections seasonally at ModaLisboa.