Paula Luna at Hotel La Terrasse

A KALTBLUT exclusive. The model is actress Paula Luna signed at the agency Zelig. Photography by Juana Wein. Lights by Nadia Szy.

“Forgive my 1000 years of silence,
 I have long searched for a place from where I can write to you.

 Found this lousy hotel room but I feel comfortable here, everything is so run down, I thought; that would suit me.

It’s strange, nothing ever sleeps here, you can sense it but you’d never cross another guest. Surrounded by ghosts, I can feel myself becoming one. Prisoner of time.
My heart gets so heavy sometimes. I feel like you are the only memory I have ever had.
In my dream, I ran down the stairs and left. Where is she going? People would’ve asked.

Where do you go to remember me?

Yours, Infinity”

Photography by Juana Wein / / @juanawein_
The model is actress Paula Luna signed at agency Zelig / @_paula_luna_
Lights by Nadia Szy / / @nadia.szy