Peaches Is Back! New Album “Rub” Out Soon!

News Of The Day! Über-Icon Peaches is back with a new video and a new album! “Rub” is coming Sept 25, 2015! We have the brand new video “Light in Places” featuring performance artist Empress Stah for you! „Peaches is an incredible artist . . . Thank you, Peaches, for adding a long and exciting life to performance art.“ — Yoko Ono

So much beauty coming out of my ass”

Official about: It’s been six years since Peaches released her last studio album. But far from being a break, these past six years have been some of the busiest and most productive in the provocative musician-producer-filmmaker-performance artist’s career. From acclaimed theater productions to her cinematic debut at the Toronto International Film Festival to the release of her first book, Peaches pushed herself further and with more artistic rewards than ever before during her time away from the studio. That work ethic should come as little surprise, though. This is Peaches we’re talking about, an artist who’s managed to wield immeasurable influence over mainstream pop culture while still operating from outside of its confines, carving a bold, sexually progressive path in her own image that’s opened the door for countless others to follow. Now, creatively refreshed and recharged, she’s emerged from the studio in rare form with ‘RUB,’ her fifth and most unequivocal album to date. It’s an adventurous, audacious musical statement, the latest entry in a conversation Peaches opened up 15 years ago and the world may just now have finally caught up with.


“Since 2000, I’ve been making a record for a year, and then touring it for two years over and over,” Peaches explains of the impetus for her studio hiatus. “After 10 years of doing that, I needed a change. I didn’t feel like writing another album and touring it for two years again, so I was really excited to try new projects.” Peaches


Album: Rub / Label: I U She Music / Vertrieb: Indigo / Out: 25.09.2015

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