Performance in Red and Blue

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Jaap de Jonge. This photo series shows a performance of the international dancer Michaël Häfliger. The ‘red’ photos show the expression of agony. As stretching in one’s own skin. The ‘blue’ photos show the blue pants, designed by Michaël Häfliger himself.

Jaap de Jonge is a Dutch art photographer. His soft eye catches the appearance of men changing from one generation to another and from role to role. Quirkiness, ascendency, innocence, grotesque, vulnerability, seductive anatomy and sensuality are attributed to those who De Jonge succeeds to lure out of their inner world, or sometimes out of their solitude.

Since 2013 De Jonge exhibits regularly in solo and group exhibitions in The Netherlands and also in Berlin (Germany).

His works appear among others in Your Daily Male Calendar, My Gay Gaze, Male Nude, Mascular Magazine and APL Magazine. He lives and works in Assen, The Netherlands
Model is @michael_hafliger