When you witness a collection on the catwalk not once, but twice in the space of ten days and it still makes you feel like you can tackle Thanos head on, you know it is a collection you are truly and madly in love with. Enter my new favourite designer Petja Zorec, whose latest collection ‘bLOSS19om’ cherry blossomed its way into my cold heart when it debuted at Ljubljana Fashionweek in April, so much so it got a second showing in Serbia for the 45th edition of Belgrade Fashionweek. Werk those petals Petja!

Described as a tangible response to intangible thoughts the collection’s concept is based on a flower as a common visual denominator of sentimentality, exploring the different connotations according to its use in everyday life. Manifested directly through gentle, pastel tones, earthy colours and their contrasts, patterns, textures and organic tailoring.

Primarily a menswear designer and part of the new wave of Slovenian designers tackling modern-day contradictions, Petja’s bLOSS19om bends gender specifics and pre-conceived ideas, combining traditional textile techniques with hi-tech, athletic materials providing a cosy, wearable aesthetic with a creative and progressive finish. Petja Zorec, your florals for Spring are officially groundbreaking

Words by Lewis Robert Cameron @lrcfashionstylist
Photography by Samantha Kandinsky @samantha.kandinsky_official
Designer Petja Zorec @petjazorec