Photo Diary. Ostrovsky by Dmitry Komissarenko

Dmitry Komissarenko is the Founder/editor-in-chef of NVRMIND paper and also a great photographer. Photo Diary. Ostrovsky is his first photo shoot with Vitaly Ostrovsky, but not the last. At the beginning of the year Komissarenko saw Vitaliy’s profile on Instagram and came up with an idea to create a musical project with his participation. To begin with, he invited him for a trial shooting and wanted to get acquainted personally. As a result they ended up with one entire shoot for the series “Photo Diary. Ostrovsky”. As for their further objectives, the team plan on recording some electronic dance tracks in Ukrainian and English, as well as shooting a clip for a project called Ostrovsky.


Photographer  is Dmitry Komissarenko
Model is Vitaly Ostrovsky
Instagram: @ostrovsky.v

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