KALTBLUT presents designer Chiron Floris. Photography by Melissa Schrie. Models are Axelle do Rego, Bianca Huisman signed at Known model management and Eva Pakvis signed at Maxmodels. Make up by Clara Bauduin.

Nostalgia and high-quality garments are maybe the most significant to describe Chiron Floris’ style. She gets her inspiration from workwear and her concepts are always personal.

She works in a poetic way.

High-quality fabrics meet loose and fluid shapes. The brand strives to make easy to wear and nonchalant shapes with a feminine touch. Chiron Floris is not only drawn by the aesthetics of workwear but also by the concept behind it. Every garment should serve you for a long time.


“For this collection, I was inspired by pictures of my dad working as a chef and by kitchen workwear. By designing a collection that meets primary needs such as quality and functionality I want to create garments that can serve you for a longer set of time.

For my prints, I stayed within the inspiration of food and kitchen culture. I was inspired by the film La grande bouffe from Marco Ferriri.  The most important message of this film is the criticism of consumerism. Food is the metaphor for the consumer society and Ferriri is obviously repulsed by peoples behaviour. But isn’t this how we behave in fashion?

Can we see La grande bouffe as a representation of present-day fashion? I believe we are entangled in a fashion system which has become meaningless and I think Fashion needs a reset. With this collection, I want to make people conscious and confront them just like Ferriri did. We are all part of the problem, but we can all be part of the solution.

By designing a collection based on the basic principles of workwear; functionality, freedom of movement, durability and timelessness. I want to encourage people to challenge their view of fashion. Can fashion be timeless, or is it just a plat du jour?’

Every piece of the collection is made from overstock or ecologically produced fabrics.”

Design/ Styling by Chiron Floris / / @chironfloris
Photography by Melissa Schriek / / Instagram: @melissaschriek

Models are:
Axelle do Rego/ Instagram: @ax.ellem
Bianca Huisman signed at Known model management / / Instagram: @knownmodelmanagement / Instagram @bianca_huisman
Eva Pakvis signed at Maxmodels / / Instagram: @maxmodels010
Instagram: @_evasophia_

Make up by Clara Bauduin / Instagram: @clarasakusa

Assistants are:
Rena Jansen / / Instagram: @rena_jansen
Jolien Akman / Instagram: @yoleantje

All clothing is by the brand Chiron Floris