Playing Dress up with Alex

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Joebert G. Tupas. Model and Make up artist is Alex Levy. Hair by Keita Higashi. Assistant is Aran Abilock Clemmons. Fashion by Fecal Matter.

Pieces featured in this editorial, such as the coat check blazer, Fecal Dior choker, double white dress shirt, and hardcore bikini top are by Canada-based Designer Fecal Matter. Joebert Tupas – the photographer, has often featured Fecal Matters’ work in his photoshoots. Fecal Matter is known for its provocative nature and over-the-top designs. Joebert has had issues expressing himself in his past because of the conservative environment he was raised in his home country of the Philippines. Designers like Fecal Matter, who challenge societal norms and embrace taboos, inspire many young artists such as Joebert to have the courage to express how they feel through their art.

Photography by Joebert G. Tupas / / Instagram: @mojojooe
Model and Make up artist is Alex Levy / Instagram: @good1alex
Hair by Keita Higashi / / Instagram: @keitahair
Assistant is Aran Abilock Clemmons / Instagram: @aran_ac

Fashion by Fecal Matter

Joebert Tupas is a queer Filipinx fashion photographer based in New York. His interests include deconstructing societal and gender norms, queer narratives, and anything weird! He recently completed a Masters degree in Fashion Photography at the School of Visual Arts NY. His work is focused on highlighting the beauty and power in queerness. It is inspired by his journey as a queer man growing up in a small province in the Philippines who moved to New York and began to develop his voice as a creative.