Pleasure Park by Matt Lambert

Powered by Tom of Finland Store and A KALTBLUT exclusive preview – PLEASURE PARK is the fifth publishing project by filmmaker and photographer, Matt Lambert. It’s his second xxx zine — a follow up to VITIUM which was created in collaboration with his husband Jannis Birsner. All illustration and graphic design of the zine by Berlin legend, Stefan Fähler. 

PLEASURE PARK will be released exclusively on early 2020. The zine launches next week December 12th 2019 at The Ballery – A pop-up launch of Matt Lambert’s 5th publishing project + an exclusive preview of the xxx film. Do not miss it if you re in town. FACEBOOK EVENT

The film is a follow up to Lambert’s first xxx studio film, FLOWER. PLEASURE PARK is a documentary portrait of a group of friends and adult performers shot over one summer day at the Tom of Finland Foundation (Tom’s former home).

The cast includes Sean Ford, Joey Mills, Angel Rivera, River Wilson and Tannor Reed with a live music performance by Taco Guillen of SCUM and several of its East LA Latinx members.


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