PLNGNS Spring/Summer 2025 – Sneaker Riot

Berlin Fashion Week! For the second consecutive season, Kyiv’s avant-garde designer Mitya Hontarenko mesmerized us with his latest collection for PLNGNS during Berlin Contemporary. Mitya stays true to his fierce idiosyncratic vision, crafting sustainable splendours almost exclusively from recycled sneakers in an extraordinary patchwork style. We’ve relished witnessing his evolution, and this collection unequivocally delivered.

catwalk photos by Boris Marberg for #BFW @borismarberg

The Evolution of a Visionary

The audacious runway show took place at the formidable Lobe Block in Berlin’s Wedding district. Mitya elucidated the venue choice: “We deliberately selected a location that exudes a certain toughness with its linear concrete aesthetics, which, in turn, accentuates the collection. The Lobe Block thus epitomizes the perfect venue for us.”

Decoding “Sneaker Riot”

Brimming with urgency and raw emotion, the collection aptly named “Sneaker Riot,” draws solemn inspiration from the ongoing turmoil. Mitya commented, “This influence is palpable not only in our choice of colours but also in the cuts and styles. Unintentionally, we designed numerous snug vests and jackets reminiscent of body armour and military compression suits.”

While last season flourished in vibrant hues, this season’s palette strikes a more sombre chord. The colours reflect the grave realities faced over the past two years. “Khaki symbolizes war, brown signifies the soil we defend, and black conveys the grief of loss. These hand-painted tones seamlessly integrate into the collection,” Hontarenko shared.

Recycling: The Core of PLNGNS

Sustainability lies at the heart of PLNGNS. From sneakers to thermoshirts and swimsuits, every element is reborn through innovative craftsmanship. Hontarenko finds enchantment in breathing new life into old materials. This season, emphasis was placed on refining existing materials over experimenting with new ones, ultimately honing their sustainable fashion expertise.

Berlin Fashion Week: A Catalyst for Change

Berlin Fashion Week is integral to PLNGNS’s journey. “BFW has become our fashion epicentre, nurturing our growth and allowing us to manifest long-held dreams and tireless efforts,” Mitya affirmed.


“Old sneakers don’t have to meet the incinerator; there’s a far more creative alternative.” Established in August 2021, PLNGNS is dedicated to rethinking silhouettes by reconstructing pre-existing forms. The brand deconstructs old shoes, weaving their components into innovative masterpieces akin to painting on a canvas. PLNGNS aims to pioneer a closed-loop system where discarded items transform into distinguished, singular designs, advocating for sustainable fashion and consumer culture in Ukraine and beyond.

PLNGNS embodies environmental consciousness, repurposing every possible fragment of old footwear to create new items with a minimal carbon footprint. All byproducts of this meticulous recycling process are scrupulously managed. Moving forward, the brand envisions expanding its concept, galvanizing a revolution in sustainable design within the global fashion realm.