Picture by Rafael Medina

Podcast: Countdown to WHOLE festival – Budino (CockTail d’Amore, Berlin)

WHOLE – United Queer Festival will take place June 14th – 17th at Gremmniner See just next to Ferropolis. Tickets are still available OVER HERE. Till then, we will publish a mix from the different collective that will be present there. Let’s call it a big warm-up. This week continues with this mix from Budino who will perform on the CocK Tail d’Amore Stage. CockTail d’Amore started in september 2009 rightfully earning its place as one of Berlin’s top alternative parties. The night happens on the first weekend of every month and is hosted by Discodromo, whose prime motivation is their passion for music, a passion they’re sharing with open-minded friends in a carefree atmosphere.

WHOLE is the only festival of this kind in Europe creating an inclusive environment for the acceptance of all gender identities & sexual orientations, in a relaxing, outdoor environment, far from the hectic confines of the city. A festival by the queers for the queers, where feminine representation and persons or colour are not underrepresented, where not only electronic music, but also workshops, performances, and discussions have been planned all along.

WHAT? Whole – United Queer Festival
WHERE? Gremminer See , Gräfenhainichen
WHEN? 14 June – 17 June

Pictures by Rafael Medina.
Instagram: @rafaml


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