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A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion editorial. Photography by Darya Chacheva. Models are Daniel Nazarkin, Yana Yalobchuk, Marina Korotkova. Styled by Darya Che. Make up and hair by Jane Pugachev. Сlothes by Kult fashion store. Decorations by Galina Tuman.

from left to right
Boy Daniel: glasses Rusomania, windbreaker AME, shirt Scotch&Soda.
Redhead girl Yana: glasses Rusomania, skirt AME, jacket Maison Scotch, bomber jacket Katya Dobryakova, skirt AME.
Blond girl Marina :T-shirt Maison Scotch, bomber jacket AME, skirt AME.
Season autumn 2017

from left to right
Boy Daniel: glasses Rusomania, sweatshirt and jeans, all Scotch&Soda.
Redhead girl Yana: dress AME.
Blond girl Marina: jacket Nebo, trousers AME.
Season autumn 2017


Photography by Darya Chacheva / www.instagram.com/daryachacheva
Make up and hair by Jane Pugacheva / www.instagram.com/janepugacheva0886
Style by Darya Che / www.instagram.com/che_darja
Decorations by Galina Tuman / www.instagram.com/rozmarin_gala24
Сlothes by Kult fashion store / www.instagram.com/kult_fashion_store
Daniel Nazarkin / www.instagram.com/nexiz_z
Yana Yalobchuk / www.instagram.com/im_sansa
Marina Korotkova / www.instagram.com/marinakorotkovaaa
Photographer`s assistants:
Sevilia Prado / www.instagram.com/ssseva_prado
Galina Black / www.instagram.com/galina_black_
Valeriya Podoplelova / www.instagram.com/podoplelovavaleriya