Limited, experimental, and sort of accidental: Reclaimed Blue is an entirely new kind of film that was born by Polaroid out of an experimental fluke. This innovative film has a truly unique chemical reaction at its heart.


EXHIBITION AT AERA Bakery 13.04.2023

When combining one specific chemical from Polaroid’s black and white film with their colour film, a strong reaction causes the film to develop in striking, rich shades of blue. By utilizing this reaction on reclaimed materials from Polaroid, the Reclaimed Blue film was created.

Celebrating this launch, Polaroid offered six outstanding artists the opportunity to express their artistic work experimentally using the Reclaimed Blue Film. The exhibition will feature the powerful pieces from Arnaud Ele, Fofo Altinell, Iga Drobisz, Julia Beyer, Selassie and Ludwig Braun, offering a glimpse into the artists’ views on society. Each artist has received a modified challenge to interpret the newest Polaroid frame and experiment with it.


Photo – and videographer Arnaud Ele is experimenting in his work with a unique, experimental way to capture light and shapes, using different techniques to create a vivid experience. Within his work, Arnaud Ele is strongly referencing African culture and traditional body paintings and silhouettes put into a modern context. www.instagram.com/arnaud.ele


Photographer Fofo Altinell experiments with developing Polaroids to create a unique and diverse gallery of images. In developing the film, he combines different chemicals, making his work an inspiring film experiment that challenges perceptions and creates a striking exhibition of queer beauty. www.instagram.com/fofo.altinell


Photographer Iga Drobisz captures creative but stylish portraits that appeal to the viewer. She uses different lighting conditions and angles to experiment with combining different elements. The key element is makeup – each model wears a bold lip colour, such as a metallic, glossy or dark shade – along with a blue film to add a touch of individuality. Additionally, flowers were also presented in still life. Ultimately, Iga aims to create a cohesive exhibition with captivating, narrative images.


Polaroid photographer Julia Beyer incorporates one of the various meanings of the colour blue in art in her work with the Reclaimed Blue film: Distance. By shooting with Berlin-based singer/songwriter and medium Laura Carbone between Essen and Berlin through a remote shoot on Polaroid film, she shows that distance can be overcome by different means and created sensual portraits in her signature style by using different prism filters to add a dreamlike atmosphere to the photos.



Multidisciplinary artist Selassie explores the medium of film in unique and innovative ways. By painting on both the developed and undeveloped Polaroid films, exhibitions, and experiments, he creates enchanting artworks. His work blurs the line between photography and painting, creating ephemeral and captivating visuals that use light, form and colour to express beauty, emotion and visual storytelling. www.instagram.com/selassie.io


Photographer and Skateboarder Ludwig Braun aim to demonstrate how many everyday products contain chemicals or liquids. The environment is filled with products containing various chemicals, including in household items, cosmetics and food, and we may not even be aware of the extent of their use. By exploring the chemical makeup of products we use every day, the project sheds light on the impacts of reliance on chemical products and their potential health implications.

With the range of artists, we allow for an in-depth demonstration of the versatility of Reclaimed Blue Film. The exhibition also offers the opportunity for an interchange with the respective artists about the reasoning behind their creative works. All images offer insights into each artist’s personality, reflecting their current state of mind and view of society. www.instagram.com/ludwigbraun