Poli Identity

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Dim Melnikov and Anastasia Melnikova. Costume Design by Natasha Timofeeva and Dasha Alexeeva. Models are Svetlana Djeus, Valeria Pyatikova and Nikita Utkin. Make up by Natasha Ivashchenko.

“All of our experiences and therefore our perception of ourselves and our attitude towards ourselves and the reality around us depending on how we define ourselves. Many people in today’s world are faced with society imposing ways of self-determination with ready-made stories about who they can be.

Even in the most difficult oppressive circumstances, there are stories of resistance of refusing to remain oppressed of successfully realized intentions to change as you want to change yourself. This is what we wanted to show through these photographs. About how wonderful it is to be yourself and to express yourself in the way that you think is most appropriate. This story is about how important it is to keep your dreams about something else and your preferences to be different from who others say you should be. We want to show how on an old colourless foundation created with false hopes using previously used things can grow completely new bright ideas and aspirations. “Something else” is a story that can and will be yours if you want it.”

Photography by Dim Melnikov and Anastasia Melnikova / Instagram: @melnikof @melnikovanastin
Costume Design by Natasha Timofeeva and Dasha Alexeeva / Instagram: @natasha_timofeeva @alexeevadanya
Models are Svetlana Djeus / Instagram: @djeus.s
Valeria Pyatikova / Instagram: @lera.pyatikova
Nikita Utkin / Instagram: @utk_nikita
Make up by Natasha Ivashchenko / Instagram: @Ivashchenko.makeup