Polo’s Top 5

Following on from debut EP ‘Alice’ and 2017 single ‘Zeitgeist’ – an exploration into the unspoken electricity of new human connections, Leeds trio Polo [formed of songwriting trio Luke Lount, Kat McHugh and Daniel Edgell] are continuing to push their niche of effective, dappled synth pop with new single ‘Louder Than Words’. To celebrate the release the band have put together their top 5 Northern UK bands.

The Hubbards – Your Love, Your Love (Your Love)

“Sugary sweet with a twang. This track is rich with emotion and grit, and is a beautiful testament to modern love.”

King No-One – Antichrist

“Not only an incredibly cathartic and fresh track from a band that can bring excitement to a dried up crusty genre but a song with an incredibly powerful message about being yourself. Rarely do LBGTQ+ issues get handled in a way that is so open, honest and real. A triumphant moment for anyone and everyone that celebrates being different.”

Faux Pas – One In Three

“Startling chorus aside, this song has a dark side to it. It’s rare for a band to tackle issues of sexual assault with such ease.”

Kay Grayson – Bad Meaning Good

“Easily the most exciting underground rap artist in the UK. Incredible live artist, plus no-one does observational satire like her.”

Sakima – I used to have an En Suite

“Unashamedly sexy, Sakima perfectly combines the most beautiful electronic sounds with homoerotic storylines. He presents the gay experience as it is, with grace and grit.”

‘Louder Than Words’ is out now via AWAL