PORNSPECTIVE: Rogan Richards

An interview with porn superstar Rogan Richards! We all have a crush on porn, don’t we? I mean come on, people are fantasizing during the whole age of their existence. Sex is a driving power of our thoughts, actions and living itself.


As soon as we got a possibility to express our thoughts nonverbally, but let’s say in writing, porn came to our houses. Even the most distinguished writers or painters made up some dirty stories and neatly weaved them into their masterpieces.

The only point is – we always get so deep into that “socially recognized” part of life. We read news about our favorite celebs, and check Wikipedia for writers’ bios. Magazines are never tired of writing about Kim’s pregnancy or Mr. and Mrs. Jenner’s drama with the transition. We watch a new movie and know pretty much everything about the whole cast as if they were our family members. But seriously, I bet you can imagine your day without new Hollywood shit, but not without those 10 mins of being together with your porn favorites.


If so, what’s the point not to take it seriously?

This time I decided to talk to the best gay pornstar of the moment, who combines adult movies with performance, photography, bodybuilding and filmmaking. He is one of those who’s beautiful cock we admire, but have no idea about his life behind the scenes. Please welcome Rogan Richards.


KALTBLUT: Where are you originally from?

Rogan Richards: My mum’s tummy.

KALTBLUT: How does you youth affect you as a person at the moment?

RR: My youth has a profound effect on the man I am today. I was very shy and socially awkward as a child and teenager. This effected my confidence and made me suffer from depression. The socially confident, cocky attention seeker you see today is a result of forcing myself to confront my fears and push myself out of my comfort zones. You could say I went from one extreme to the other.


KALTBLUT: Tell me about the most intense moment in your life.

RR: When they re-released the MOTU figure line in 2012! I used to dream about that happening for years as a kid so when it did I lost my shit!

KALTBLUT: Why have you decided to come to porn?

RR:I wanted to share my beautiful cock with the world.


KALTBLUT: You definitely are not a regular porn star, so tell me please about your photography and filmmaking?

RR: People who discovered me through my porn don’t realise I was a photographer and filmmaker, amongst other things, for years before I started getting my cock out. Porn has been fantastic providing so many new opportunities to collaborate with other artists and models. I am obsessed with imagery and I love the art of film and photography best so this is how I choose to express myself. What ever that expression may be. Sometimes it’s as simple as, “Hey that looks FKIN cool!” and ill take a picture and that’s that.


KALTBLUT: Where you get your inspiration?

RR: Mostly it comes from films, books, music, my boy friend, my mates, my family, my snake, Mousey, Wampa, my life experiences, my imagination, my dreams and my fears, my sexuality, and the never ending need to create.

KALTBLUT: What ideas you try to broadcast through your pictures and short movies?

RR: That’s a very big question and it varies with every photograph and film I make. Mostly I am just having fun and sharing that fun with who ever will watch.


KALTBLUT: What is your aspiration in life?

RR: To live it to the fullest.


KALTBLUT: What is that special about the flex?

RR: Google me. In the digital era, where all imperfect pubes are now visible to everybody thanks to HD it is easy to miss what is not that evident. Most of us watch porn pretty much every day, but only most attentive viewers may find what perspectives are hidden behind the scenes. Stay horny.