Portfolio: Thomas Weirich

Thomas is a free lance graphic designer based in Berlin. We love his crazy monsters and his strong aesthetic. Just by using simple lines, Thomas creates stunning illustrations.

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“On the whole, working as a designer gives me a lot of stability and orientation. It became an important part of my life and after a certain time without working on my stuff I feel uncomfortable somehow…  When I´m drawing I feel quite good and and when I finish a piece I usually feel very happy about it. And that experience leads me up to the next piece.”

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“Everything starts with a pen. When I have found an idea for a motive, I usually start with some quick sketches. After that I try to get the right composition and the outlines which is the most difficult part of the process. Then I add some details… Finally I finish my illustration with ink. Mostly, I use artist pens… Sometimes I do some slight corrections in Photoshop, but I try not to work to much with the computer… (I used my computer more often in the past, but at the moment I really enjoy having my motive on paper at the end of the day…).”

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