Poster Boy by Karl Slater

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial and photography series. Photography by our UK editor Karl Slater. Model in Poster Boy is Carlos Freire. Fashion by Modus Vivendi, C-IN2, Versace, D.Hedral and more. Through out his career Karl has studied and worked in fashion and set design, in which he soon discovered his interest in fashion photography. Through years of professional experience in the fashion field, Karl’s knowledge of colour and construction and his love of Avant-garde and innovative design, has provided him the incredible ability to express the raw emotion and beauty portrayed through each of his photographic images. In doing so, he successfully documents and frames the key detail of a garment and the personality of the concept, making the audience very aware of the intrinsic individuality of each photographed subject.

Carlos wears Addicted My Basic brief, avalible at
Carlos wears AussieBum brief avalible at
Carlos wears Modus Vivendi, Sporty brief.
Carlos wears Dsquared2 brief, avalible at
Carlos wears C-IN2, H+A+R+D Hustle Brief.
Carlos wears D.Hedral, Seamless brief.
Carlos wears Versace Low Rise brief, avalible at

Photography: Karl Slater

Model: Carlos Freire from NEVS

Creative: Karl Slater