Premiata – Back to the Fortezza da Basso, back to the Pitti with the first ready-to-wear men’s collection

Back to the Fortezza da Basso, back to the Pitti – Premiata launches its first ready-to-wear menswear collection here. Attention to detail is incorporated into the latest garments of the genderless soul. Encouraged by the Mazza family, Vincenzo along with his sister Carlotta Mazza represent the fifth generation of the house. In honor of the two successors, Premiata celebrates a new chapter that will shape the face of the brand today. /

The founder of the shoe store, Graziano Mazza, who is not only an entrepreneur but also a creative director and design expert, shares his belief in this change. Representing the luxury goods industry, Graziano embodies the crucible of collaborations in the industry. Entrepreneurs for luxury goods strive for influential collaborations with Premiata to realize their own development of new footwear lines and accessories.

A garment with diverse functions in the wardrobe is the key to a lifestyle à jour. Especially for younger people like Vincenzo: “I was thinking about the wardrobe of a person I would call a big city warrior. This person needs, above all, multifunctional, structured and versatile garments for all-day use. All the garments, from jackets to parkas to field jackets, have been created following a gender-neutral concept.” Among the materials used, nylon and organic cotton are treated to repel water and feel comfortable when washed. Sensitive pieces are produced with elastic and technical properties, and can be found in the high-quality puffer jackets. Some pieces are made of cotton and polyamide, heat-welded and waterproof.

The production of the collection will take place entirely in Italy. The collection deals with one of the best manufacturers in the country, La Rocca, which has accompanied international brands for many years. Distribution will be on an international level, focusing mainly on Italy, Russia and Europe, without neglecting the Far East. This is because the brand already has a solid reputation in Korea and Japan in particular. Premiatas has also established a successful distribution channel in the US market.

The collection and its values is presented at Pitti with a themed pop-up in the new Futuro Maschile on the top floor of the Central Pavilion. /