Première “DRUGS”

KALTBLUT presents: Première “DRUGS”! A menswear editorial by Asia Wittkowstein & Wojtek Gardaś. Model is Norbert @Specto Models. All fashion by Première. Based in Poland. “We became interested in the subject of drugs with one important reason – the mistaken perception of drugs by society. Drugs are most often associated with something wrong. We want to pay attention to this problem. Sometimes the truth is uncomfortable that’s why public media lie to us. The cure is a drug, a drug is a cure. The boundary between the drug and the cure is thin, English best captures the paradox of the word ‘drugs’, which means both. For example, LSD is use to reduce stress and increase productivity, while MDMA helps couples therapy. The entire collection is inspired by the PRINT F5 called ‘drugs’. Graphics placed on our clothes come from there.”

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Asia Wittkowstein & Wojtek Gardaś
@wittkowstein @wojtek_gardas
DESIGNER: Première
MODEL: Norbert /Specto
MUA: Martyna Ciapa