Premiere: JPTR – Master Babe (Al Hug Remix)

‘Master Babe’ is the latest offering from experimental pop duo JPTR; a song that explores masturbation from a female perspective. The highly visceral project describe the rather risqué track as, “When your body and mind separate, touching yourself becomes being touched by another. You become both master and babe.” JPTR recently described the starting point of their creative process being purely intellectual, resulting in a scarce, but by no means inferior, selection of tracks with only vocals and drums. Though we have no additional details of an album just yet, we still have the satisfaction of enjoying Al Hug’s remix of ‘Master Babe’ with a few wise words from the masters of pleasure themselves – read below to find out more.

6 other ways to Master Babe with JPTR:

1. Jesus
Always no. 1

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2. Your mother

Chances are she was way more political, feminist and progressive than you are, you spoiled little brat!

3. Vegetarians
Sexy AF

4. Space
The hottest place in the universe is in the constellation of Virgo. Just sayin’…

5. Popcicles
“Icicle Icicle. Where are you going. I have a hiding place when spring marches in.”

6. Swag

Master Babe is out now via Mouthwatering Records
jptr Master Babe Cover
2nd September 2016 / Loftas / Vilnius (Lithuania)
24th September 2016 / Treibhaus / Luzern (Switzerland)
7th October 2016 / Sommercasino / Basel (Switzerland)
14th October 2016 / Stall 6 / Zürich (Switzerland)
15th October 2016 / Dachstock, Reitschule / Bern (Switzerland)
12th November 2016 / Mehrspur / Zürich (Switzerland)