Premiere: Speaking Minds remixes Nightvisions – ‘Twin Peaks’

KALTBLUT is excited to premiere an unreleased remix of rising techno stars Nightvisions’ new track “Twin Peaks”, from Italian artists Speaking Minds. Great minds think alike, and especially with the Berlin duo behind Nightvisions. Both shared a passion for electronic music long before they met, and when the magic happened they chose ‘Nightvisions’ as their moniker. Their debut EP “Twin Peaks” on Schakal Recordings is made up of four tracks, two original tracks and two remixes.The A-side starts with ‘Volar’, a mystical and spacey sounding production combined with mechanical synths. ’Twin Peaks’ has a stirring melody and a steady beat that takes hold of the dance-floor, beautiful as it is unnerving, and the synths are reminiscent of an 80s movie soundtrack. Speaking Minds’ Laura Palmer mix gives “Twin Peaks” some extra reverberation, as the Italian duo turn the track into emotional prime time techno. Metallic hi-hats give the track a strong drive, and add chords and harmonies to the main synth line that give it a twisted personality. Hear the exclusive release below.

Twin Peaks will be released April 25th via Schakal Recordings
Twin Peaks Image 2


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