Premiere: Velour Modular – The Shields

A KALTBLUT exclusive! A premiere from French electronic artist Velour Modular, produced by Phon.o, ‘The Shields’. Bubbling with her own version of abstract electro-pop, Velour Modular (AKA Annabelle Guilhem) picks up on the notions of attraction and desire, exploring in particular the idea of the contrasting states of rejection and embracement. Guilhem draws inspiration from both the vulnerability and beauty that each state commands. which is where ‘Shields’ emerged from.

When Velour Modular first emerged with 2013’s Capsule’ EP, she channeled Kuedo’s melodic synth motifs, summoned the bubbling electronica of Seekae, the spacious, hallucinatory elements of Clams Casino, and the shuffling percussion of Phon.o. The Capsule EP shone a light on her ambitious, exploratory sides, as well as her skills for successfully realising what was a deeply conceptual record. Where Capsule looked to childhood, new tracks recorded with acclaimed producer Phon.o bring us into her present world. “I tried to reveal the mechanisms that can appear in reaction to love.” Explains Guilhem, “Having “feelings” for someone or ourselves may not be obvious to handle. Exposing and accepting vulnerability is probably the hardest thing to do. That’s what I tried to write about. Shields is about rejection.”