Premiere: Wallis – sleeping pills are gone

We are thrilled to announce the latest release from Boudica, an innovative platform committed to spotlighting women, trans, and non-binary artists. The centrepiece of this premiere? The enigmatic DJ and producer Wallis is known for her profound impact on electronic music.

Wallis, a DJ, live act, and former mastering engineer, has forged a unique sound that resonates with a generation yearning for emotion and experimentation. Her latest endeavour, the EP titled “Ssleeping pills are gone”, showcases this distinct blend of melancholy and vibrancy.

The EP kicks off with “Hell is a Girl from Before (Rainy Summer Mix)”, a track that intertwines emotional melodies with energetic rhythms. It sets a reflective yet hopeful tone, perfect for introspection.

“Protect Me From My Friends” shifts gears, delving into raw emotions with robotic sounds and a dominant bassline, creating a captivating sonic journey.

The titular track, “sleeping pills are gone”, stands out with its atmospheric intro, evolving into a powerful crescendo of acid basslines and haunting vocals that encapsulate sleepless night-induced dreamscapes.

The finale, “Teenage Apocalypse”, blends a distinctive melody with intense breakbeats and basslines, leaving listeners with a resonant impression of judgment-day emotions.

Through this EP, Wallis not only demonstrates her prowess as a producer but also her storytelling through sound. According to Wallis, “Sometimes life takes a weird turn. Angry, confused and dealing with morals: this EP targets the pain and absurdity of attachment.”

Boudica, founded by DJ Samantha Togni in 2019, continues to push boundaries by promoting gender equality in music. Their mission is to highlight underrepresented voices and inspire future generations to pursue their musical ambitions.

Wallis IG @wallis909 

Label: Boudica
Cat. No: BOU004
Release Date: 20/06/2024
Artist: Wallis 
EP: Protect Me From My Friends

A1 / 1 hell is a girl from before (rainy summer mix)
A2 / 2 protect me from my friends
B1 / 3 sleeping pills are gone 7:11
B2 / 4 teenage apocalypse 5:42

Artwork credit
Poem: Wallis
Photography: Pablo Dunkerly
DoP: Félix Armengol
Set Design: Andrea Carbó & Serafina Ventura
Editing: Patricio Santagada