“WE ARE is a fanzine about the young and wild scene in Madrid’s night life. Each issue of the magazine has 24 analog photographies taken with disposable cameras in different underground clubs, parties and afters of the spaniel city. Inside these pages you can find the Madrid youth living the free gender, music, drugs, clubbing, friendship, self-destruction and love. To celebrate the publication of the issue number 4 titled “40g of speed” the WE ARE team presents the MADRIZ TEE COLLECTION with four different designs with the four covers of the magazine.” says Alejandría Cinque, the photographer behind the magazine WE ARE

Directed by Alejandría Cinque / wearemagazine.bigcartel.com / www.instagram.com/alejandria_cinque

Photography by María Caparrós / mariacaparros.com / instagram.com/capastrobist

Model is Héctor de Pedro / instagram.com/mrdepedrosanchez

Model is Julia Llerena / www.instagram.com/juliallerena

Model is Vera Amores / instagram.com/seroma___

Model is Chaki Medina / instagram.com/chanocaleta

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