Press Play: Carmen Jane – Blame You

Dark pop artist Carmen Jane makes her grand return with an aggressive new song “Blame You”. The singer explores the dark intense corners of her sound while allowing the pop essence we all know and love to rest as a bed of comfort to the listener. Her voice on edge, her story intense, this song allows the listener to feel what she felt while writing it.

“Blame You” is about the journey of anger that we often take. The finger pointing, heat on your tongue, fiery kind of emotion. It’s about allowing yourself to feel at the highest intensity knowing that you should eventually come off it & face the issue at hand. A song about taking responsibility for that fire knowing that oftentimes the finger should be pointed right back at ourselves.


Carmen Jane is an American vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter. Born and raised in Washington state, she has been immersed in music her entire life, yet only discovered herself as an artist in the last few years. She realized that it was possible to live in a body but still not really know who you are. She is determined to not live in that place anymore. Her sound is born out of the stories that swirl around her and her own personal journey of grief, observation and pain. Partnering with producer and songwriter Nico Rebscher, together they created a sound that is familiar yet pushes the edges of dark pop.

They write music that forces you to feel, encourages you to dig deep, allows you to open up, shut down or breathe out. Carmen writes because it forces her to be in touch with herself. The touch of the keys, the air leaving her body & the lyrics falling out of her mouth allow her to feel in a way no spoken word could. It reminds her that she is connected to others because our experiences are not in isolation. They are shared. The music is often described as dark pop with a longing and ache that can only come from true, authentic expression. Carmen’s voice draws you in, forcing you to hear every word that falls from her mouth. The content is captivating & cinematic yet digestible in its many facets. The kind of music that leaves you wanting more. The rise of her confidence, experimentation, expressiveness and willful desire to stand on the edge of what’s expected, will surely bewilder and awe those who are familiar with her previous work as well as those that come to stumble upon her continued transformation, for the first time. 

Since emerging with her first single “Your Madness” in late 2020, Carmen Jane has been growing her catalog, consisting of four singles “Your Madness”, “FUN”, “Numb”, and “Caving Me In”. You can also find her Christmas EP “I Guess It’s the Season” everywhere you stream music.

Stay tuned for more from Carmen Jane.

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Photo Credit: Madison Hare Photography