Press Play: Cora Novoa feat Bryte – ‘Gogo Gaga’

Spanish music producer and DJ Cora Novoa releases her first collaboration with the African rapper Bryte under the name ‘Gogo Gaga’ alongside a videoclip that resulted from a contest for music producers on the web3. A work where the best of techno and urban music is mixed to perfection, and thanks to Bryte’s vibrant voice, we are immersed in the asyncopated rhythms of beat, noise and energetic rap of the singer.

Bryte is one of Ghana’s most promising singers, currently based in London, who has collaborated with English producer Mina, released music on the iconic techno label R&S Recordings and performed at major festivals such as the Nyege Nyege Festival.

The music video, produced by the prestigious Benova Studio, takes us on a journey through the most emblematic places of Barcelona’s raver culture, experiencing the spirit of the night and the unique vibe of the city. From the iconic Razzmatazz club to the SSSTUFFF brand headquarters or THEROOM concept store; each image captured in this video is an ode to urban culture and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

As usual, Cora is always looking to integrate technology into her projects, which in this case as part of the release of ‘Gogo Gaga’, will offer music producers the opportunity to collaborate on the project by making their own remix of the single. There is no limit to the number of participants and all interested parties will be able to submit their remixes of the song from April 21 to May 7, 2023. To participate, they will have to mint an NFT -totally free- from GUZZU. The winner, selected by Cora herself and her team, will later release the song as an NFT on GUZZU.

An ode to art, technology and music, which works as a starting point for Cora Novoa in this 2023, in which she will be touring this year in Italy, France, Germany or Latin America playing her “Rituals AV Live” or playing b2b at the 30th anniversary of Sónar Festival with Tiga, head of the Turbo Recordings label of which the artist is also part.

‘Gogo Gaga’ is out now via Seeking The Velvet: