Press Play: Denton Thrift – Sight EP

Leeds based duo Denton Thrift release new single and debut EP, both titled ‘Sight’ via Majestic Records. ‘Sight’ is the third track from the EP and follows the release of ‘Something Real’ and ‘Confessional’. Combining rich vocal harmonies with deeply layered synths and environmental percussion, Denton Thrift’s debut is an ethereal delight and a welcome change of pace to the current musical climate. An almost meditative experience from start to finish, ‘Sight’ is built upon a wonderfully sparse sound, with the pair showcasing a dazzling display of lacquered melodies atop a blanket of intricate synth chords. Fans of the xx, Glass Animals and Koalas will be pleasantly surprised. 

The band quotes on the track: ‘Sight’ highlights the way depression clouds and obscures the ability to remain objective in difficult circumstances. Through consolation and reassurance, the narrative leads towards resolution, culminating in a choral soundscape that expresses the ambivalence of emancipation.

On the EP release the band quote: The EP ‘Sight’ draws on a series of conversations surrounding mental health and how it affects relationships while obscuring self-reflection, thus not allowing for beneficial change. Journeying between crisis and realisation ‘Sight’ explores the hardships of emotional introspection during a period of immense personal distress.



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